Citizens Urged To Turn In Loan Sharks

Stuart Bell was recently arrested for illegal money lending and jailed for up to 8 months. This is not the first criminal that has been prosecuted as an illegal money lender…and certainly won’t be the last. There are many task force units in the United Kingdom which are hunting down loan sharks more now than ever. Illegal or predatory lenders should be weary because if they haven’t got to you yet…they will eventually. The United Kingdom is taking this type of lending seriously, and with this recent arrest, they are sending a message loud and clear that their citizens will not put up with predatory lending of this nature.

Bell was sentenced to 8 months in jail at the Newcastle Crown Court and 60,000 seized from his bank account. It’s reported that he illegal lent out over 250,000 during his time as a predatory lender, who was a former pub landlord.

This is not the first time Bell has been charged with such an offense. In 1993 he was charged with a similar illegal money lending crime.

Jeez. You’d think he’d have learned his lesson.

Another predatory lender is in jail thanks to the special task force in the UK.

If you, or someone you know, is being threatened by a loan shark, you should report them immediately to the Illegal Money Lending Team’s 24-hour confidential hotline on 0300 555 2222.

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